Friday, December 19, 2014

Toucan Time

In this one, I wanted to add some color
and some whimsy.
The whimsy is in the Schoolhouse Rock "Bill,"
Tigger, a Hot Wheels car, and the kitschy clip-art.
It is pretty "blocky."
I toyed with adding some 'doodle' lines.
In a sense, this one is not really complete.
I should go further with the doodles, maybe.

I should mention that my goal here is to create art
from digital images without resorting to the modern
tools in 'photo-shop' and CGI (computer-generated imagery).
I want to keep it more raw and primitive (relatively speaking).
I want to create new pieces by combining and manipulating
the existing images in a way that is artistic, surprising, pleasing,
interesting, and enticing.

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