Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking for Love

is often elusive,
especially when
we are surrounded
by screaming,
The blaring glare
turns us
inside out
upside down.
Love is there.
Eventually we will dance
in the light.

Kings and Cowboys

There are
some kings and cowboys
in this collage;
also a few
U.S. presidents,
some movie stars,
and a couple of musicians.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Flock of '90s Movies - Mostly

There are about forty movies
and close to eighty different stars
depicted in this collage.
All of the movies
are from the early 1990s;
most of the stars
are still stars today.
There are also a couple of television shows depicted;
plus a couple of magazine cover photos.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Retro Vintage Image Quilt

Here I have thrown in some op-art images, vintage graphics,
and 'retro' graphics.
The kaleidoscopic colors are captivating, and looking for discrete images
is fun; but overall this feels a little chaotic -
then again, maybe that is part of the appeal of this method.

By the way, I gathered these images from sites that were not attributing them
or protecting them in any way.
So, if you own rights to anything here (and can prove it),
please contact me and I will take it down immediately.
Honestly, I am not expecting this blog to become a world heritage site,
and I am not offering these things for sale,
so I harbor no illusions...
so to speak.

Toucan Time

In this one, I wanted to add some color
and some whimsy.
The whimsy is in the Schoolhouse Rock "Bill,"
Tigger, a Hot Wheels car, and the kitschy clip-art.
It is pretty "blocky."
I toyed with adding some 'doodle' lines.
In a sense, this one is not really complete.
I should go further with the doodles, maybe.

I should mention that my goal here is to create art
from digital images without resorting to the modern
tools in 'photo-shop' and CGI (computer-generated imagery).
I want to keep it more raw and primitive (relatively speaking).
I want to create new pieces by combining and manipulating
the existing images in a way that is artistic, surprising, pleasing,
interesting, and enticing.


First attempt at this kind of photo collage.
I was experimenting with different sizes and orientations.
Color and overlay were part of the selection process, too, of course.
There are really only four photo images in this collage.
The sidebar splash of blue...
not convinced it helps the composition,
but this was almost entirely an experimental exercise.